When I first started this blog I wanted to share my personal explorations and ideas about asexuality through essays.  At that time in my life I was doing a lot of self-dissecting and defining to really get to the root of who I was and what my asexuality meant for me and my relationships, etc…  After a couple years that constant thinking and striving for deeper understanding became exhausting.  I realized it didn’t matter if I never understood every individual aspect of my asexuality.  I stopped blogging because I felt I had nothing left to say.

That has changed for me recently.  I think there is a lot more to be said on asexuality than complex relationship talk and cake and all those other things.  What about the simple, overlooked parts of our day to day lives?  What about who we are outside of our orientation?  What about how we connect when it comes to race?  These are of few of the thoughts that are lifting my attention and I’m excited to talk about them.  I still believe sharing our own experiences is the quickest way to tighten our community, and I hope you’ll be in on the conversation.


  1. I am a 53 yr Asexual male. It took 50 yrs to relize it but I had to find an explaination. Found it. Am now happy.