Sunday, May 5, 2013

Carnival of Aces // May 2013 // Appearances

Hello Everyone:

I’m thrilled to finally be hosting the Carnival of Aces here on Asexuality, Unabashed.  This month I’ll ask you to join me in sharing your thoughts and experiences on how your identity has impacted your appearance, or the impact your appearance has had on your identity.

You can learn about the Carnival of Aces here.

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 To get your gears turning, here are some questions and prompts to inspire your submissions:

-          Do you think your orientation is expressed in your personal style and the way you express yourself to others?
-          What are your thoughts/ experiences on people who dismiss asexuals as people who are not attractive enough to find someone?
-          What role do you think physical appearance plays in sexuality?
-          What are you thoughts/ experiences on people who dismiss asexuals as ‘a waste of looks’ or similar comments?

Have fun with the topic and interpret it in whatever way you relate to it. 

Submissions are due by June 5.  

They will be included in a master post on this blog and at TheAsexual Agenda. 

You may submit via your blog, tumblr, etc…  If you do not have an online outlet but would still like to participate you may submit your entry as a Word document. 

You may link to your submission in a comment on this post, or email them to me at

Submissions sent after the deadline will still be accepted and added to the master post over time.


  1. I would say that I'm fast, but the subject just happened to be something to come up all over the place recently. :P

  2. Here's my contribution

  3. I contributed a thing! It's nothing big, because it's exam season and I'm busy. But here you are:

  4. Here's my contribution:

    Sorry, it's pretty long ;_; I guess I do navel-gazing really well...

  5. My submission:

  6. My post is here:

  7. So, here's my take on the theme...

  8. So, here's mine:

  9. Here's mine:

  10. I couldn't help myself, and wrote another post:

  11. Here's my piece! Although it's really more about gender than asexuality.

  12. One more! :D
    (I, too, went into gender...)

    And can I just say this is a great topic? Thank you!

  13. I wrote a thing:

  14. Here's my post:

  15. Here's my submission.